CPC Awards

Updated December 16, 2014

EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE – Bi-annual awards to help offset educational expenses

Established in 2009 to assist state classified employees seeking to move ahead in their jobs/careers, employees may use the Educational Assistance Award to meet any needs associated with furthering their education, such as tuition, books, child care expenses, and gas for traveling to/from class. Awards are determined by the amount of donations received.

EVERYDAY HERO – On-going employee recognition

The Everyday Hero is a special program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council to recognize the day-to-day achievements of all CSU employees (state classified, administrative professionals, and faculty).

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT – Annual $1000 awards for exemplary service by state classified employees

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes meritorious and outstanding achievement in job skills and/or service to the University by state classified employees.  Up to five awards are given, which consist of a plaque, $1000 award, and special recognition at the Celebrate! CSU event in May.

POSTIVE ACTION – Annual award to individual or group contributing to systemic change

The Positive Action Award recognizes persons or groups that have significantly contributed to systemic change at CSU that benefits state classified employees.  Systemic change is not just a one-time accomplishment, but the establishment of policies or best practices that create a supportive work environment and enhance employee performance.