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CPC Announcements

CPC Seeking Volunteers for CPC and University Committees

If CPC membership seems like too much of a commitment but you want to get more involved, we need volunteers to participate in CPC committees and University committees. Contact cpc_chair@colostate.edu or cpc_vicechair@colostate.edu if you are interested!

Seeking Nominations for the Everyday Hero Award!

*The Everyday Hero Award: recognizes meritorious and outstanding achievement in job skills and/or service to the University of ALL CSU employees (state classified, administrative professionals and faculty).  Ongoing Submissions Accepted.

Upcoming Financial Class Opportunities for CSU Staff!

Canvas Credit Union is offering constant learners & leaders three financial education seminars to pack you with tips and tricks for the road to financial success.

The Psychology of Money | Wednesday, September 18th
Building a Budget | Tuesday, October 15th
Home-Buying 101 | Tuesday, November 12th

More information on times, locations, and how to RSVP can be found here.

Free Speech on Campus: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

There are several events held each year on campus – speakers, political rallies, demonstrations, and non-political activities such as sporting events – which may inspire you to exercise your rights under the First Amendment. As a state institution of higher education, the university celebrates, honors, and respects the First Amendment and your right to free speech. However, those rights are not without limit, and it’s important to understand what constitutes protected expressive activity and what is not permitted at this public university. Learn more about your role and rights as an employee on campus with this guide.