Any state classified employee is eligible to serve on a CPC committee.  If you are interested in joining a CPC committee, then please contact the respective committee chair.

Executive Committee

Chair – Meg Skeehan

Members – Wayne Hall (Vice-Chair), Jim Abraham (Secretary), Adrian Macdonald (Treasurer)

The Executive Committee sets the CPC meeting agenda, conducts monthly meetings, oversees budget and executive functions of the Council, and acts on behalf of the Council between regular meetings. This committee is comprised of members elected by the CPC to the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Communications Committee

Chair – Leah Bosch

Members – Laura Snowhite, Dan Kelso, Dustin Pothour

The Communications Committee is responsible for disseminating information about the Council, University, and state classified employees. This committee explores means of communication and makes recommendations on the appropriate methods to use in various instances.

Employee Recognition Committee

Chair – Nancy Cowley

Members – Anselma Lopez, Stacey Baumgarn, Meg Skeehan

The Employee Recognition Committee oversees all aspects of Council awards. This committee keeps criteria and guidelines up-to-date, solicits applications and nominations, selects awardees, informs all nominees, nominators, and department heads when the selection process is complete, and publicizes the achievements of award recipients. Awards may be added or deleted by a majority vote of the Council.

Legislative Committee

Chair – Brian Gilbert

Members – Jim Abraham, Wayne Hall, Randy Lamb, Adrian Macdonald, Kristin Stephens

The Legislative Committee reviews and reports on legislation which may have an impact on the University community, especially when the impact on state classified employees is direct. This committee also reports information to and work closely with the Vice President for University Operations and the General Counsel.

Outreach Events Committee

Chair – Meg Skeehan

The Outreach Events Committee is charged with increasing the visibility and engagement of the Council and state classified employees at Colorado State University. This committee oversees the planning and execution of Council outreach and events, and the Council’s involvement with University events and service projects.

Work Life Committee

Chair – Kelly Hixson

Members – Emma Chavez (CARE Representative), Joseph Gallegos, Randy Lamb, Bob Schur (Policy and Compliance), Maria Lourdes Zavala

The Work Life Committee is charged with researching, reviewing, evaluating and suggesting ways to improve the work lives of state classified employees.