The Classified Personnel Council offers employee awards to assist state classified employees seeking to further their education. Awards will be made to employees based on need as demonstrated by their application. Five (5) awards will be given in the amount of $500 – taxes will be taken out of this amount. Employees may use this award to meet any needs associated with furthering their education: tuition, books, child care expenses, gas for traveling to class, etc.. Preference will be given to employees enrolled in courses such as trade courses (welding, electrical, etc), certifications, and college courses at schools other than CSU.  Awards are granted twice per year. Funds will be available to award recipients as soon as enrollment is verified. Commitment to Campus provides assistance to students who attend CSU classes. Applicants must submit enrollment verification paperwork with their application.

General Considerations for Selection

Must be a State Classified Employee affiliated with Colorado State University, employed at least 3/4 time and have been a state classified employee at Colorado State University for at least two years as of award application deadline. Past recipients are NOT eligible to reapply for three years.


Application deadline for Spring 2018 is March 23, 2018.  All information must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the application deadline. Educational Assistance Award Application – PDF Version

If you have questions, please reach out to


The number and amount of awards are dependent on the ongoing generosity of our donors.  You too can help state classified employees seeking to further their education by making a donation through payroll deduct or a one-time payment method.  Donate to the Educational Assistance Award

Past Award Recipients


  • Vita Maurello
  • Rebecca Mueller
  • Daniel Truesdale


  • Darci Hathaway
  • James Amidon
  • Margaret Seymour
  • Sonjia Graham
  • Kennan Hazeltine
  • Megan Skeehan


  • Cathy Lee
  • Lori Stevens
  • Jennifer Lobermeier
  • Judy MacDonald
  • Marne Lundstrom
  • Nicole Dixon
  • Holly Fiedler
  • Rose Long
  • Phil Fraser
  • David Jimenez


  • Nicole Horton
  • Matthew Szydlowski
  • Monica Roth
  • Farrah Bustamante
  • Ellen Audley
  • Marianna Walsh
  • Yanhong Liu
  • Kristina Servin
  • Shamera Loose
  • Ross Peterson


  • Diane Hellbusch
  • James Kron
  • Scott Chase
  • Hiroko Ishimaru
  • Tom Zino
  • Eleanore K. Jones
  • Charlene Spencer
  • Amanda Fitzpatrick
  • Jeff Sturgeon
  • Jana Davis


  • Kristen DeQuasie
  • Linda Moller
  • Wayne Hall