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About the Award

The Educational Assistance Award is intended to assist State Classified employees seeking to advance in their jobs/careers. In each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), a maximum of ten (10) awards may be given in the amount of $500 – taxes will be taken out of this amount. This award may be utilized for any professional development or educational activity, including university courses, workshops, certificates, or trades related courses. Additionally, funds may be used for tuition, technology, books, child care, gas for traveling to class, etc. If selected for the award, applicants may be asked to submit enrollment verification before funds will be released. If an employee is taking courses at CSU, this award will not affect their employee study privilege credits.

Criteria for Selection

  • Must be a State Classified employee affiliated with Colorado State University
  • Employed at least 3/4 time
  • Have been a State Classified employee at Colorado State University for at least two years as of award application submission date
  • Awards will be made to employees based on need as demonstrated by their application
  • Past recipients are NOT eligible to reapply for three years

Apply for the Educational Assistance Award here.


The number and amount of awards are dependent on the ongoing generosity of our donors. You too can help State Classified employees seeking to further their education by making a donation through payroll deduction or as a one-time payment. Please consider a donation to the Educational Assistance Award.

History of the Award

This donor-funded award was established in late 2008, with the first awards given in 2009, to assist State Classified employees seeking to advance in their jobs and careers.  Employees may use the Educational Assistance Award to meet any need associated with furthering their education, such as tuition, books, childcare expenses, and gas for traveling to/from class. Awards are determined by the number of donations received. From 2009-2012, the $300/recipient award was given once a year. Starting in 2013, awards were given twice a year in the amount of $500/recipient.

Past Award Recipients

Spring 2023

Allyce Lobdell
Kelly Hixson
Shannon Auten

Fall 2022

Jaclyn Janero

Spring 2022

Jeff Phillips
Sheri McCaskill
Meg Skeehan
Chelsey Hansen
Maggie Seymour
Lynise Baker
Randall Lamb
Marne Lundstrom
Bryan Breidenbach
Janelle Dowling
Kate Stevens
Julia Innes

Fall 2021

Jeff Phillips
Sheri McCaskill
Meg Skeehan
Keith Fisher

Spring 2021

Ellen Audrey
Anselma Lopez
Lori Williams
Melanie Anderson

Spring 2020

Kaitlin Sherman
Valerie Lewis
Jan Lee Cordova
Amanda M. Farmer

Fall 2020

Stacey Baumgarn
Lani Williams
Sonjia Graham
Mathew Whitehead
Mike Broadbent

Nancy Cowley
Kristy Millsapps
Janet Porter

Emily Farrenkopf
Aleta Wagner Lowe
Holly Fielder
Ashleigh Rose

Nicole Johnson
Jamie Joseph
Theresa Krueger
Debbie Rutt
Matthew Szydlowski

Rose Long
Dustin Pothour
Jordan Roberts

Ellen Audley
Tegan Deeney
Anthony King
Anthony Martinez
Charlene Spencer

Vita Maurello
Rebecca Mueller
Daniel Truesdale

James Amidon
Sonjia Graham
Darci Hathaway
Kennan Hazeltine
Margaret Seymour

Lauren Ankarlo
Stacey Baumgarn
Timothy Cree
Hairik Honarchian Saki
Jessie Howard
Kathryn Koehler
Deborah Luntsford
Kimberly Mashek
Tina Plascencia
Meg Skeehan

Nicole Dixon
Holly Fiedler
Philippe Fraser
David Jimenez
Rose Long

Judith Brown
Cathy Lee
Jennifer Lobermeier
Marne Lundstrom
Lori Stevens

Ellen Audley
Farrah Bustamante
Nicole Horton
Yanhong Liu
Monica Roth
Kristina Servin
Matthew Szydlowski
Marianna Walsh

Shamera Loose
Ross Peterson

Scott Lee Chase
Diane Hellbusch
Hiroko Ishimaru
James Kron, Jr.
Thomas Zino

Jana Davis
Amanda Fitzpatrick
Eleanore Jones
Charlene Spencer
Jeff Sturgeon

Kristen DeQuasie
Linda Moller
Wayne Hall

Jyenna Baeza
Deidra McCall
Tina Plascencia

Barbara Andre
Sarah Barrett
Daniel Beveridge
Theadora B’ey
Cam Elvheim
Janet Meine
Anna Scinto

Marcy Abrams
Vicki Diehl
Sheri Hofeling
Lynn Kalert
Denise Sheehan
Ilene Withers